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Where Is The Real Hero ?

riddles of wood4RIDDLES OF WOOD, Steven E. Counsell, painting detailThe ascension of the Hero. The wait is over and weight ceases to matter. He will ascend to Valhalla, Heaven, The Elysian Fields and the countless names and places our upward ascension lifts us to. He doesn’t fly he is lifted. Don't we all have moments when everything is light, when it all makes sense ? The clear liquor of exaltation fills us. Oh we all know it will not last, but while it does the air clears, it is Spring and we are reborn. Joy and transcendence, the Hero's flight, one of our oldest longings, one of our most cherished myths. If we are vigilant enough, we just might be able to make it true.

RIDDLES OF WOOD, watercolor painting from the book titled:
ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination
by Steven Edwin Counsell, Artist/Poet from Santa Fe NM

Introduction by Monika Wikman, Jungian Phsychologist, Tesuque NM