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How does Fruit Enchant You?


RIPE watercolor detail by Steven E. CounsellRIPE watercolor detail by Steven E. CounsellThe fruit on the tree of Knowledge was probably a quince. Newton’s apple might have been a pear. The poet Schiller could only write poetry to the smell of rotten apples. What is it about fruit! We have freighted so much mythic baggage on fruit it’s surprising we can eat it. This is fruit that would be recognized by any child and every dreamer. Not quite ”normal”, enchanted perhaps — you know, the fruit you place on your tongue that makes you forget your spouse, your job and marches you into the Realm Of Fairie. Time stops, and when you return a hundred years may have passed. Of course poison apples should not be underestimated, there almost always irresistible and after all, they just put you to sleep for a thousand years say, or erase your memory. In the splendid kingdoms beyond the beyond, fruit is luminous, so vivid it lodges behind the mind. One of the last things my father saw in life was a bowl of pomegranates, the Greek symbol of eternity. We must make beauty and wonder our final reckoning.


RIPE, watercolor painting from the book titled:
ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination
by Steven Edwin Counsell, Artist/Poet from Santa Fe NM
Introduction by Monika Wikman, Jungian Phsychologist, Tesuque NM