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Art BLOG - The FIVE Minute Art Salon

What Is Improbable?

visionary art book ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imaginationdetail from THE ORDINARY DEVINE, pastel paintingThis is an improbable landscape - not impossible though - that requires more initiative. In an improbable landscape gravity still works very nicely. Bridges still cross rivers and grass greens. Though the color of bubble gum - fog condenses in valleys. If indeed they are filled with helium - spheres will float. Translucent jellied cones sport about like penguins and storms form on mountains that darken. Improbable yes - but not impossible. Now consider the improbable sequence of events that happened to you today. The more you study them the more curious they get. Exercise bikes are as improbable as Unicorns. Sealed plastic cups covered in metal containing yogurt, tattooing, movies, the list is endless. I can assure you, anyone living in this improbable landscape would view the seemingly ordinary aforementioned list as improbable. Might I say impossible?

art detail from THE ORDINARY DEVINE from visionary art book
ILUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination by Steven Edwin Counsell  


The 5-Minute Art Salon

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