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Art BLOG - The FIVE Minute Art Salon

How Do We Make Art That Lives?

Painting detail from Visionary Art Book, Santa Fedetail from RIPE, water color painting by Steven E. CounsellThe Sumerians believed the seed resided in the head. Just to think, brought forth life. The world then, had no divisions. Nature flowed, as in this detail from my painting appropriately titled "RIPE." It flowed through us, and we through it. In this connectivity there was no control or subjugation, only partnership. For me as
an artist to have authority, I must have complete identification with my subject to flow into it. Art that is above nature is above life.


RIPE, painting detail from visionary art book titled
ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination, by Steven E. Counsell 

The 5-Minute Art Salon
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