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What Is The Price Of Tomorrow?

visionary art book, graphite drawing, Santa Fe NMart detail from BRIDGES, graphite drawingThe antique enchants not because it's old, but because it endures. These barrel vaults and ribs and pilasters bridging the gap between other worlds requires durability. Modernity is a car without a brake, a gun without a safety,  a tomorrow without a today. We need not worry about the future it is already past. Before tomorrow polishes our brasses and chromes our mind; rust yourself on dust, living water and stone. You can always return to the telemetry that drugs the soul. Go out and get a tonic of air before you get a blanket of earth.



detail from BRIDGES, graphite drawing from visionay art book titled
ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination 


What is Myth?
What is Symbology?
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