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Can A Language Invent You?

visionary art BLOG Santa Fe NMdetail from RIDDLES OF WOOD, pastel paintingThis is the Celtic Alphabet Of The Trees (Beth-Luis-Nion) written on ribbons,in Old Norse. How wonderful it is to have created a syllabery built from the various tree types in Great Britton. Did these Celtic Druids speak of growth differently? Did they bud ideas? Did they grow in rings rather than years? This is one of the forgotten languages of the North.

   A language is not a system of communication alone, it is a way of structuring reality. The metaphors chosen in this language determine that reality. Here's to The Alphabet Of The Trees; where everything grows and returns.


Art detail from RIDDLES OF WOOD, page 13
From the visionary art book ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination
by Steven Edwin Counsell, Artist/Author
published by Black Swan Edittions, Santa Fe NM


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