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What is Myth ?


What is Myth?

visionary art blog         In its simplest construction myth is merely the stories culture tells about itself, or we tell in recalling our own memories. Just because we call it realism doesn't alter its status as myth. The Trojan War happened three thousand years ago, what we have is the Iliad. Our childhood happened about as long ago, and what we remember will be a fragment, no more complete than the Iliad, in short — Myth.

         History, archeology, biography are all the crumbs from a full meal. If we had access to the whole (sic) truth — Myth would vanish — and so, in all probability would art.

         Fairies, Ogres, Trolls, Stalin, Plato, Us. We are not fabrications or lies or even artful dissembling but merely the inexhaustible realm of story — Myth. Imagination fills the gaping holes that memory and time erase. So really, it’s how good an artist you are that’s crucial. And remember Myth evolves, say from Cowboys and Indians, all the way to Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee.

         I choose to dispense with the rationalizations that make truth and fiction kingdoms separated by an abyss, and instead embrace my Mythic inheritance, in all likelihood the very thing that makes me fully human. The problem then, as I see it -- is not Myth -- but what kind we allow into our life. Are they life enhancing and joyous or cruel and murderous? We are after all the metaphor of our own life. What are the stories we will tell about ourselves? The leap of faith we make into our own Mythology will determine the poetry, sovereignty,and beauty of our existence.

Art details from painting "ETERNAL LONGING No. 2", page 182 
from  award winning visionary art book ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination
by Steven Edwin Counsell, Artist/Author
published by Black Swan Editions, Santa Fe NM

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