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Art BLOG - The FIVE Minute Art Salon

Can Angels Fly?

The FIVE Minute Art Salon
by Steven E. Counsell, Artist & Author

detail from painting in visionary art book titled ILLUMINATIOS The Geography of the ImaginatioRIPE, painting detail from visionary art book titled
"ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination", pgs 32-35
Can Angels Fly?

Objects without gravity live in space, or the dream of space in the mind. Haven't we all wanted to float free of limits. Move through a medium like fish or finches? In art I havetried not to let gravity interfere with my perception. Simone Weil wrote a book called GRAVITY AND GRACE. Gravity holds us down. Grace is buoyant. Angels can fly because, they take themselves lightly.

Art Detail from painting "RIPE" on page 32 fromAward winning visionary art book by Steven Edwin Counsell titled  ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination
published by Black Swan Editions, Santa Fe New Mexico

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