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What is Visionary Art?

visionary art blogFirst and foremost it is Vision, to pay full attention to any object or visual relationship – to stop generalizing sight. To see the universal through the particular is to see in a Visionary way. When we see the face of our beloved in all its breathtaking and heartbreaking precision, and know with biblical certainty the absurdly obvious truth, that this luminous being will never exist in quite the same way in the universe again – we are in the realm of the Visionary. Any work of Art that honors the particularity of even a single grain of sand knows that everything is eminent and sips at the fountain of eternity.

The age of the machine has made us generalists, abstractionists, fully phallocentric right down to our toenails – machines fitted us with hard angles, speed, and the reduction of spirit to binary numbers. But the visionary gene is in rhythms. The eternal feminine plays in the tides, the play of the seasons salt our oh-so-perishable flesh. Our machines play us like an angler plays a fish. But real play is in the drama of full presence. To see beyond our stolen birthright back to the eagle that lives behind our eyes.

Subatomic particles fly through us without resistance. We careen through space on this blue-green world at absurd speed, without resistance. Our vision is boundless without resistance. How can we resist a world that gives us infinite forms? What is Visionary Art, open your eyes and as the poet Blake advised: " . . see the world newly minted."


Detail from painting "Riddles of Wood", page 13
from Award Winning visionary art book
titled ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination
by Steven Edwin Counsell, Artist/Author
published by Black swan Editions, Santa Fe NM


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