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What Will We Serve?

odd12blogOrdinary Devine, painting detail from ILLUMINATIONS The Geography of the Imagination, a visionary art book by Black Swan Editions, pages 56-61What Will We Serve?

An Olmec Head lies inert cubed up like a camembert cheese. It’s flat as a table, a bung to plug up a stone wall, eyes staring blankly into nothingness. The color has returned, spheres and globularities float their hilarities again, in a well- watered greening earth. Bosch has taken up residence without the angst. The Earthly Paradise has returned with all its soft well lit abundance. Profligacies of residue joy remain in the aftermath of us. We squandered the garden not because of the “Tree Of Knowledge” but because of the other tree we forgot, “The Tree Of Life.” This small landscape from THE ORDINARY DIVINE colors the landscape in song.