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Do You Remember How To Climb Battlements?

library at babylon 1LIBRARY OF BABYLON, Painting detail from
visionary art book titled "ILLUMINATIONS The Geography Of The Imagination", pgs 48-53, Steven E. Counsell, Artist/Author
Do You Remember How To Climb Battlements?

Castles in the air! And yet all castles are in the air. The day-dreaming and wool-gathering the gold-bricking and cat-napping all lead to the lithesome hum of childhood. This Schloss in the far corner of a world of books waits; its shutters are opening and yellow light is beckoning. In its halls and turrets, armories and dungeons there are textures and surfaces, nothing is homogenized; mud has black weight and rock walls are cool to the touch, landscapes green to the horizon. Things are as real as our involvement with them. Castles in the air become vague when you’ve given up on your sense of wonder.



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