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How Do Houses Live?

BRIDGES, Painting detail from visionary art book ILLUMINATIONS The Geography Of The Imagination, pgs BRIDGES, graphite drawing detail from visionary art book "ILLUMINATIONS The Geography Of The Imagination", pgs 172-173How Do Houses Live? 

A storm is easier to weather under a roof with the sturdy walls beneath it. Space can only be measured in a room with a floor below and a ceiling above. A house is the mind of its owner made visible. Every stitch of clothing, stick of furniture, every book and bibelot will brass tack the owner, like a moth, to a mounting board. Houses are the spiritual expression of our choices, or lack of them.  Houses are the spiritual expression our imagination, or of its absence. Where we lay our head is truly where we live our lives. In a house we are more than the smoke through our chimneys. 




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