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Art BLOG - The FIVE Minute Art Salon

Do You Invent Yourself, Or Are You Invented?

equipoise top leftEQUIPOISE, drawing detail from visionary art book ILLUMINATIONS The Geography Of The Imagination, by Steven E. CounsellIf you will yourself a tool, you become a hammer. If you will yourself a pen, you become a sentence. If you will yourself a robot, your eyes glitter like steel. There are no neutral choices! All wishes have terms of enactment. When worlds change there is an interregnum where you can look back and see where you came from, and ahead to where you will be. Once the change is complete the past can only be seen through the future. If will is free we should not allow ourselves to be chosen. The world has changed the revolution is over. The past is no more than a dim narrative to be loved and lived in or replaced. The future moves too fast to be anything but self-replicating, one of our primary functions perhaps the only one left is to be consumers and consumed. It seems now that we are Willy-Nilly free to be molded into the techno-script written almost by the second. Encouraged to be one dimensional puppet’s with functional ray-guns we can never remotely understand, merely fire. Or with a supreme act of will, find strategies for patience.

The 5-Minute Art Salon

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